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Enjoy sophisticated lodge living in beautiful Llanbedrog, North Wales at this elegant caravan park with natural woodland setting and panoramic sea views.

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The 5 acres woodland site sits above Llanbedrog village offering extensive views towards Llanbedrog Headland, Llanbedrog beach…

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Llanbedrog sits on the sheltered South Coast of the peninsula, well protected by Llanbedrog’s prominent lush green headland…

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Park News

Autumnal Experiences in Llanbedrog/Profiadau Hydrefol yn Llanbedrog

When it comes to seasonal preference many of us are divided. Whatever time of year you prefer, you’ll be sure to see that Llanbedrog isn’t just for summer days, it’s a perfect place for some great Autumn endeavours.

Llanbedrog’s Winter Dining Delights/Danteithion Bwyta’r Gaeaf yn Llanbedrog

The opening of the new café at the Oriel Plas Glyn y Weddw was a warming reminder that Llanbedrog is blessed with wonderful places to eat and drink.

‘Home Sweet Home’ Wildlife Challenge, Her Bywyd Gwyllt ‘Home Sweet Home’

As part of the 2022 David Bellamy’s Blooming Marvellous Pledge for Nature, we took on the ‘Home Sweet Home’ challenge. Read on to see how we have created homes, feeding stations, hideaways, and routes, to attract and sustain wildlife on our 5-acre site.